Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
Chinese and Pakistani Warships Are Conducting Week-Long Drills

چین اور پاکستان کی بحریہ نے روس کی تاریخی انڈمان سمندری مشق کے چند دن بعد مشقیں کیں۔

Chinese and Pakistani Warships: Days after the Russian Pacific Fleet and Myanmar practiced fending off attacks in their first-ever maritime exercise and after India and the US promised security cooperation, the Chinese and Pakistan warships are conducting week-long drills in the Arabian Sea.

چین اور پاکستان کی بحریہ بحیرہ عرب میں ہفتے بھر کی مشقیں کر رہی ہیں جب کہ روسی بحرالکاہل کے بحری بیڑے اور میانمار نے اپنی پہلی بحری مشق میں حملوں کو پسپا کرنے کی مشق کی تھی، جب کہ بھارت اور امریکہ نے سیکیورٹی تعاون کا وعدہ کیا تھا۔

The Chinese and Pakistani navy began the exercise in the northern Arabian Sea’s waters and airspace on Saturday at a naval facility in Karachi. The maneuvers included anti-submarine operations. On Nov. 17, the exercise will conclude.

For the first time, China and Pakistan will undertake cooperative sea patrols during the drill, the People’s 

In the Andaman Sea, on the northeastern edge of the Indian Ocean, from November 7–9, Moscow organized “the first Russian-Myanmar naval exercise in modern history.” This marked a significant milestone for Russia’s naval presence in a sea that the US considers to be one of its global security interests.

According to the Interfax news agency, two sizable Russian anti-submarine vessels, Admiral Tributs, and Admiral Panteleyev, practiced last week with a frigate and a corvette from the Myanmar navy.

During efforts to forge closer security connections between Russia and Myanmar as well as China and Pakistan, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met with their Indian counterparts on November 10 in New Delhi.

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